If Rembrandt Did Watercolors, This Would Be His Palette…

The Spectrum Amerlite (SAm) from PacFab is an underwater color light that represents a major technological breakthrough in swimming pool lighting. SAm gives you the freedom to choose from an almost infinite number of color combinations. Simple to install and easy to use, SAm delivers excitement!

Spectacular Colors Are In The Mix With A Simple Flip Of The Switch

Turn on SAm and you'll be amazed at the variety of rich colors right at your fingertips. Can't decide on what color to choose? Then sit back and enjoy the show while SAm orchestrates a continuous procession, from one luminous hue to the next, parading you through the color spectrum. With twin-tungsten halogen bulbs engineered into every unit, SAm brings new life to any pool.

SAm's Advanced Technology Is A Stroke Of Genius

Actually, smart technology is at the very heart of SAm. For installations with more than one light in the pool, all SAm lights will roll in color synchronization. Whether it's one light or two, SAm will transform a typical residential pool into a color-brilliant, pool designer's masterpiece. Looking for a backyard renaissance? SAm's advanced design makes it easy by replacing any of our full-size American, PacFab or Purex lights.

Brush Up On Fun, Excitement And Safety

Because of its incredible versatility and superior performance, SAm is sure to be the center of attention and the life of any party. In fact, over the past three decades, more than 3 million families have trusted PacFab to provide them with a safe and exciting nighttime pool environment. More Innovative Products from the World's Leader in Underwater Lighting

Spectacular lighting should not be limited to underwater. FIBERworks™ fiber optic lighting brings unparalleled excitement to your pool's environment. With innovative fiber optic systems designed for water features and landscape, FIBERworks compliments the Spectrum Amerlite, creating the best backyard lighting plan imaginable. Like SAm, changing color is as easy as a flip of a switch.

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere with FIBERworks:

  • Patented UltraGlow fiber optic cable delivers a dramatic line of color to frame your masterpiece and create the look you want.
  • Waterfalls and fountains, tranquil or turbulent, come to life at night with FiberWands, GlowRods and other speciality items.
Bring YourWater and Landscape to Life:

  • Sheer water cascades spilling from your spa, waterfall or other water features can be illuminated with the CascadeLight or FiberWands.
  • GlowRods and FiberWands provide beautiful fiber optic pathway, spot and wash lighting with a contemporary look.
  • Bring a touch of verde brass elegance to your outdoor living with Amerscape pathway, wall and landscape lighting. Available in fiber optic or white light 12V fixtures.

Transform Your Backyard Masterpiece from the Convenience of Inside the Home:

  • With a wide variety of remote controls and automation systems, Compool has the right system to put the final touch on a priceless piece of art - your backyard!

For more than 30 years, PacFab has built its reputation as a world leader in the manufacturing of swimming pool and spa systems by providing superior quality and advanced technology. From our high-performance heaters, pumps, filters and automation controls to our innovative underwater lights, PacFab remains your complete source for keeping your pool or spa running and looking great!