The Ultimate Salt Chlorinator Set and Forget

Clearwater is the largest producer of saltwater chlorinators in the world today and has once again set the benchmark by introducing the LM Series Chlorinator. The LM Series not only sanitises your pool, but with its set and forget features will automatically manage its own self-cleaning.

Super Chlorination - another first

The Clearwater LM Series Chlorinator also incorporates a unique Super Chlorination feature which can be activated at the touch of your fingertips. This is the fast and convenient method to boost chlorine levels to compensate for heavy user periods or extreme increases in temperature.

Crystal clear water that feels brilliant

Clearwater puts an end to sore, red eyes and smelly and itchy skin. In addition to chlorine, small amounts of ozone are also produced which further add to the sparkle and crystal clear freshness of the water.

And with the Clearwater LM Series Chlorinator you'll save time and money as you do away with chemicals and the hazards of storing them.

Benchmark setting features

The LM Series Chlorinator is stylish in design and uncomplicated in operation.

It's automatic self-cleaning feature will save time and money by eliminating accidental damage caused when cleaning the electrodes. The LM Series also removes the risks involved when using dangerous acid.

Other innovative and practical features include:

  • The unique Super Chlorination control for boosting chlorine levels at peak times
  • Touch pad controls that provide easy setting
  • Fully automatic operation - even when you're away
  • High chlorine output to cater for most pool sizes
  • Easy installation to new and existing pools.

Clear water all the time

Installing a Clearwater Salt Chlorination System means crystal clear water and a sparkling natural looking swimming pool all the time.

Clearwater also puts an end to sore, red eyes, smelly and itchy skin. There's no need for the drudgery of using granular or liquid chlorine to maintain your pool.

Clearwater technology almost totally does away with sanitising chemicals such as granular or liquid chlorine and the hazards of storing them. You'll save time and money with the peace of mind that comes from an advanced pool hygiene system, making your pool an inviting lifestyle asset, not a tedious liability.

The fist in world leading technology

In the late 1960's, scientist and Clearwater Australia Pty Ltd founder Len David (M.Sc.) was investigating ways to improve the chlorination of pools for greater safety, convenience, improved sanitising and economy.

His pioneering research led to the first Clearwater Salt Chlorinators which were developed for the market and released for sale in the early 1970's.

Today, Clearwater Australia Pty Ltd is the largest producer of saltwater c hlorinators in the world, leading the way in product development and design. There have been many imitators, but none compare to the Clearwater products developed, and to the company he founded.

A Clearwater Chlorinator also produces a small amount of ozone which gives your pool that added sparkle and freshness.

Once Installed

The system requires only a small amount of salt to be added annually to compensate for normal backwashing and topping up of the pool water.

Easy installation o new and existing pools

The Clearwater System is uncomplicated in operation and can be easily and quickly added to any new or existing pool.

The salt Cell is simply fitted to the plumbing of your pool between the f ilter and water outlet and the Control Unit is mounted adjacent to the Cell for easy monitoring and control of your pool's hygiene.

How does a Salt Chlorinator work?

Using chlorine is the proven way to destroy bacteria, viruses and algae in a pool. A Clearwater Chlorinator produces its own chlorine when mildly salted water is passed through the Salt Cell (salt is made up of two elements - sodium and chlorine). The chlorine dissolves instantly in the pool water, going to work immediately to safely sanitise the pool.

Comprehensive range and features

Clearwater Salt Chlorinators can be perfectly matched to any pool. You control the output because every Clearwater Salt Chlorinator is fitted with a Chlorine Output Indicator that lets you easily monitor and adjust the chlorine output whenever required.

Other features such as a Pool Light Transformer or Time Switch, which activates the filtration system automatically, can also be included. So even when you're away, you have the comfort in knowing that your pool is being maintained to keep it sparkling clean and sanitised.

Clearwater systems are designed to handle the lowest concentration levels of salt in pool water and cope with enormous variations in salinity, from a minimum of 3000ppm up to seawater levels of 35,000ppm.

The right system for your needs

Three important factors influence which Clearwater model is right for you: pool size, number of bathers per day and climatic conditions. Daily operation of the chlorination and filtration system will vary during unusually hot periods or heavy bather loads requiring longer running of the system.

By choosing the right Clearwater model to cope with these factors, you can minimise the filtration system running times and save further costs.

Your local pool shop or pool builder can advise you as to which model best suits your needs.